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Set in the Irish Mythological World of Leprechauns and Banshees!

All I want for Christmas is

Nanny Reilly and her dog Henry Daly are kidnapped by a mean leprechaun king into kidnapping his niece Princess Tara. Nanny's kindness and innocence brings out the best in King Brian and they are invited to the leprechauns dance on mid-summer's eve.

Nanny, Henry Daly and their new friend Ned, dress up in their Sunday best and go to the dance.

On their way to the dance, Princess Tara and her father King Rory are caught by a mean man named Bull Cullen. Bull is looking for the crock of gold and is ready to surrender Princess Tara and King Rory to the Banshee, a mean old witch who lives in the heart of the forest.

Nanny, Ned and Henry Daly rescue them. For their bravery, they are presented with a gold whistle each and two magic ponies. Their gold whistles give them the same magic powers as a leprechaun.

One day while out beach combing on their ponies, they come across footprints in the sand. They follow the prints and find a distraught fisherman named Fran O'Toole whose friend Mike Donovan has been captured by the Banshee.

These footprints are the beginning of a magical adventure, which lead them deep within the Banshee's Cradle.

Nanny Reilly - Irish Folklore at Its Finest!
First story of its kind since Darby O'Gill and the Little People


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King Brian, king of all the leprechauns of Coolrainy is a crafty leprechaun. He has been waiting for Nanny Reilly to show up at her favorite place, Magandy's pond.

He has threatened to put Nanny and her dog Henry Daly under leprechaun's arrest for stealing the mushroom tops, which happen to be the roofs of the leprechaun houses.

He knows he has left Nanny no way out, unless she promises to carry out a daunting task for him..


Annette, thank you so much for coming and reading to the Butte children. They really enjoyed it. I hope you sell lots of books. They are fun to read and all of ours went out the same day you came.


Nancy deBarathy & Staff
Butte Public Library, Montana

What if you were called upon by the King of the leprechauns to rescue Santa from the wicked Banshee of Raven's Point?

The two bravest nine year olds in Ireland, their equally courageous greyhound and five leprechauns embark on a very important mission - to save Christmas for everyone.

After renewing their willingness to once again be Rescueteers, Nanny Reilly, Ned Franey and their dog Henry Daly, soon discover the Banshee and her skeleguards are on high alert awaiting their arrival.

Even worse... she has installed a wish blocking device that surrounds the entire Banshee's Cradle. Suddenly, all the Rescueteers' wishes and magical shillelagh-waving are worthless.

What will they do?

As the attempt to liberate Santa and the punish the almost comically wicked Banshee, The Rescueteers soon realize that they may never return from their mission to the Banshee's Cradle.

In this charming and magical Christmas adventure story set in the Irish mythological world of leprechauns and banshees, the Rescueteers unearth secrets and a deep underworld woven beneath the infrastructure of the Banshee's Cradle - secrets that have the power to affect all of them ... forever.

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A Christmas Story For The Entire Family, Now Available on Amazon in Audio Book, Hardback, Paperback and Kindle

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King Brian, king of all the leprechauns of Coolrainy has just broken the news to Nanny, Ned and Henry Daly about Santa being captured by the Banshee.

To make matters worse, the Banshee has a mighty reward offered for any information leading to the capture of The Rescueteers...

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