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About Me - Annette O'Leary Coggins


I was born in Ireland at a time when storytellers shared their mystical and magical stories with us on a black and white TV set.

We took the stories the storytellers relayed to us, their ever attentive audience, as gospel, and incorporated them into our childhood adventures.

We believed, leprechauns were out to bring us good fortune, banshees were out to bring us misfortune, and Santa Claus was our God send at the end of every year.

The influence of the storytellers, certainly contributed to our wealthy, happy and adventurous childhood.

This Christmas, I want to share the same type mystical and magical story with you from a long time ago, when storytellers regaled us with their imaginations. A tale of leprechauns, banshees and a cast of characters that will set your imagination on fire...



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